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Randekhi Royal Hotels



ID : 44
6, Uhenuyi Street, Off Ihama Road, G.R.A, benin city, edo, Nigeria


Location: 6, Uhenuyi Street, Off Ihama Road, G.R.A, benin city, edo, Nigeria
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  basic price :  6,930
  basic price medium :  11,187
  basic price premium :  13,860
"We work in consultation with you to make your event a success,taking care of your wedding, corporate and group events. Our facilities available for your occasions and events are second to none to give you a worthwhile experience." Thinking about your next big meetings? Our Banquet Hall has state of the art facilities to make that event a memorable one, corporate meetings can be further fine-tuned with our technological asserts such as Projector Slides, Wireless Internet Access so you can access the rest of the world during conferences, Seminars and Workshops, and a host of other facilities to make participants feel fulfilled. Planning a meeting or special event at our hotel is simple. Our professional staff will be glad to assist and advice you on all aspects of creating a successful event and no detail will be overlooked. We could help you plan your travel, accommodation and car rental needs, in close consultation with you, we make your air/vehicle transport arrangement with your safety in mind. We also pick you from your last drop-off point into the heart of town to a serene environment and the comfort of our hotel. During your stay, we take care of your mobility by providing car rental services to take you wherever, whenever . Get access to the unrivalled talents of our chefs, as well as the expert suggestions of our sommeliers. Our Restaurant & Bar comes with continental and local dishes and assorted wines and spirits for your enjoyment. For your satisfaction, our internet connectivity via VSAT comes with VPN compatibility and high speed Internet Access. This service enhances your hotel experience by fulfilling business and personal needs through user-friendly plug and play Internet Connectivity. You enjoy internet connectivity in your room and wireless internet access in public areas such as lobbies, receptions, halls and so on, so you can have the world within your reach and go about your business during your stay. We have excellent Gym assistants who are always around to offer you hands-on training and support in our state of the art gymnasium enabling you work out and exercise yourself during your stay at our hotel. Feel the freshness of our swimming pool as we offer you a unique experience at our swimming facility. Come unwind and have your pool parties and gatherings at our swimming facility. This is also available to non-guests after due arrangements at the reception.
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