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Tenants Tale

Don’t hate me because I am beautiful and rich

“Your skin looks like that of a twenty one year old”. That to a thirty five year old ‘mama’ like me should ordinarily be a compliment but coming from the lips of my neighbour it was more of an accusation. I knew what Sola was getting at: I was a ‎woman of dubious means who had no children, no job, no care in the world. I had time to go to the salon and the spa, pamper myself and get my nails and hair done almost every other day. I could afford to look good and did.

I was used to petty female jealousy. I got it everywhere I went: the bank where the female teller hissed as she checked out my impressive balance, offices where I get attitude from the female staff even in church! It was not my fault that I was not only extremely good looking but was rich and appeared not to have any work to do.Although I could manage the jealous hussies out there what was I to do with my three co-tenants who kept acting as if I was going to snatch their husbands at any minute?

I had moved into the Maryland townhouse complex just like any other tenant. I paid my rent like the three other occupants and met my service charge as and when due. As a friendly person I greeted my co-tenants warmly but while the men responded in kind, the women: Sola, Iyabo and Chinwe were very cold. I was surprised as their attitude because they were professionals just like their husbands‎. Surely their men who were bankers would meet beautiful desirable men at their workplaces? Is it their neighbour the men would sleep with? Did they fight with every beautiful successful woman their spouses came in contact with? One by one they started picking fights with me and before I knew it they had cautioned their men not to speak to me. The complex had turned into a compound of hate with me as the outcast.

I overheard Sola, my chief hater ‎ telling her husband that with all my money was I not a ‘money miss road’ by renting instead of living in my own house. I laughed out loud when I heard that. What she did not know was that I was actually the owner of the complex. My property company owned the complex as well as several others including a grand house in Ikoyi I had moved out from because it was too big for me and to move on after a traumatic romantic relationship ended. At times, when they really annoy me I am tempted to tell the agent not to renew their tenancies but I have always kept my cool. My silence has meant that I have earned the reputation of husband snatcher without even going near their precious men.

Feedback; comments only to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Wale was closely monitoring his phone for over an hour shouting “my diesel o, my diesel” When he couldn’t take it any longer,  he marched with his companions to the generator house in his compound. There he caught red-handed, his security guard using a rubber hose to siphon diesel into a 50 litre keg.

The Security Guard is still convinced that his Oga  used juju  to catch him but Wale explained that he had installed a security gadget known as Fuel Spy Communicator  in his diesel tank. The device works by using GSM and GPRS technology to monitor fuel (diesel) consumption, real time fuel level, engine run hours and diesel supply and then communicates this to the owner’s phone. A sensor is placed in the fuel tank and this can give the following information:

Fuel Pilferage Alert : When ignition is off, any reduction in fuel level is considered as pilferage. When ignition is on, any abnormal reduction in fuel level is considered as FUEL PILFERAGE – communicator will send SMS /e-mail alerts to three registered mobile numbers / e-mail IDs with date and time.

SMS/Email Alert for Adulteration : Communicator will send SMS /e-mail alerts with date and time to three registered mobile numbers /e-mail IDs in case fuel is adulterated with water.

The device can also monitor generator run times.

With diesel at N260 per litre and tough economic conditions, the Fuel Spy Communicator has come at the right time to help home owners manage their diesel consumption and identify pilferage.

The Fuel Spy Communicator is marketed and installed by Universal Embedded Technologies Limited, Tel: 07034276959

Nigeria’s First Online Glass Centre, which specialises in bespoke glass and mirror products, has launched their online styore. Go to www.glass.com.ng and you will be able to order fully bespoke glass and mirror products to personalised specifications with an instant pricing system.

The product range spans from toughened clear glass, colour glass splashbacks for kitchens and bathrooms, silver and colour tinted mirror, ceramic glass, glass shelves, glass shower screens and the product range is available in both standard and custom sizing and designs.

You can now order glass splashbacks for your kitchen from www. glass.com.ng

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Built in bunk beds.

using the built in wardrobes as inspiration, furniture designers have come up with esoteric designs for the bunk bed. If you are looking to give your children’s room the ‘wow’ factor, you can get inspiration from a selection of some of the interesting designs we have profiled here…….

This is a full theatrical production complete with curtains! This idea will take a very skilful carpenter to execute but there are elements you can borrow for your design.


If you have a child who insists on a grown up bed if he is to sleep with his younger sibling, this can be the way out.

It clearly shows which bed is for the senior!

Incorporating a sitting area into the inbuilt bunk bed shows excellent space management.

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Call to the Bar….

In Nigeria of the 70s and early 80s, the home bar was one of the defining touches in the living areas of top end homes. It has since lost its coveted position. There are modern ways to bring this delightful touch to your living area. The example above is for a large home but overleaf, we have more subtle examples that can work for modern spaces.

This bar takes one end of the living room and is distinguished by the marble and granite finish of the bar. The glass to ceiling wall and open to view drawers of drinks in oak, finish the look. This type of bar can be replicated in any room with regular dimensions. This bar takes one end of the living room and is distinguished by the marble and granite finish of the bar. The glass to celling wall and open to view drawers of drinks in oak, finish the look. This type of bar can be replicated in any room with regular dimensions. This home bar takes advantage of a recessed section of the room and is purposed built. Darker flooring delineates the distinct area. Again, glass with wood and subtle lighting make this an inviting section of the living room to drift to. No space? Think below the stairs. We showcase a modern and more traditional examples. No space? Think below the stairs. We showcase a modern and more traditional examples.

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WHAT CAN I BUY? Affordable apartments for sale under N15m.

Affordable apartments for sale under N15m.

A constant request from our readers is for affordable properties in the N10m – N15m price range. When we point out that such properties exist, they respond that what is available are ‘old’ properties usually built by the Government within an unsavoury estate. However, a search on our website, www.castles.com.ng, show that there is a large number of new properties in that price range.

Analysis of the search results shows that a number of new developments are coming up in the Igando area of Lagos (off the LASU-Isheri Expressway) that are priced under N15m. For instance, Belmont Properties 08024709080, 08180703303 has 24 units of 3 bedroom luxury flats at N12m per flat at Ade Ogunseinde Street, off the LASU- Isheri Expressway. Abundance Providence Homes (Laide 08035360616, Bunmi 08023000510, Oladipo 07055461919) is advertising a large number of homes in Teju Royal Estate that fits these criteria. Their 3 bedroom fully detached bungalows are available for N15m, 3 bedroom flats (N12m), 2 bedroom flats (N10m) and their 2 bedroom terrace bungalows have a N11 price tag. Teju Royal Garden is located at Isheri Oshun along Jakande-Isheri Oshun, Ijegun Newly completed Expressway, Lagos.

The Lekki axis also has a number of 1 bedroom and 3 bedroom flats in the under N15m price range (see box). We have been informed by several developers in the area that they are in the process finalising developments that will have apartments in the price range. So remember to sign up for an email alert on our website www.castles.com.ng, so you will get the new properties in your inbox!

3 bedroom flats at Igando for N12m. Belmont Properties 08024709080, 08180703303

72 Units of 2 bedroom flats coming up at Teju Royal Estate. N10m

South Pointe Estate, Lekki has 1 bedroom apartment for sale N!5m


4 Units Of 3 Bedroom Flat @In A Mini Estate, Off LASU Road, Igando – N10.5M Each

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
0802 315 4095, 0803 817 9944,

Serviced 1 Bedroom Apartment With Dedicated Parking Space at South pointe Estate, Lekki (Registered Deed Of Assignment) – N15Million

08122864802, 07033275708

3 Bedroom Flat @ Lekki Garden, Sangotedo. Price: N10million

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
+234 1-2911587, +234 703 875 5757, +234 811 530 6941

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