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Easter Holiday Why Fly in Nigeria ? Lagos to Benin A http://Hotelz.Space Summary

Easter Holiday Why Fly in Nigeria ?

Lagos to Benin

1.From Lekki to Ikeja 1 Hrs (5,000 Naira minimum cab fare )
2.From Ikeja to Airport 1 Hr
3.From Airport to Lounge 20mins
4.From Lounge to Plane 2-3 Hrs
5.From Plane to Take off  20mins
6.Flight about 1 Hr   (17 Thousand Naira minimum )
7.From Airport to Arrivals 10mins
8.From Arrivals to Baggage 10mins
9.From Baggage to Car park 1 hr minimum

10.From Car Park to GRA  (1,000 Naira Minimum)
Total Cost 23,000
Total Time 7hrs minimum

Carrier Arik Air

By Road

Lekki to Benin  4.5 Hrs Cost  5,000 Naira
Benin to GRA 1,000
Co Passengers  5
Vehicle Toyota Sienna AC

total cost 6,000naira

Total Time 6hrs minimum

God is Good motors
http://hotelz.com.ng Cabs
zzzzzzzz all the way



15,000 Naira



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